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Piano, Strings, Woodwinds, Brasses, Vocals,
Composition, Traditional Instruments...
Duo,Ensembles, 2 Piano... Any Instruments are available !!

Year 2019 Entry Qualifications

・Age・Nationalities・Instruments are ALL Unquestioned
・within 15 mins (No Extension.)
・No departments between school grades and instruments.
・No comments by the juries.
・In case of too many appulications, we will hold a document screening.
・Ask us for official accompanists if you need.
 The cost is ¥19,000 (No refundable.)
・Music sheets are not allowed to play (except ensembles, sonatas.)
・Recording is prohibited.

The Venue

Zentoku Roppongi Building 1st floor
K Music Competition Jimukyokua
Tokyo-to Minato-ku 1-7-27

Song Choice

・Multiple songs can be performed as long as the performer doesn’t exceed the time limit.
 Original compositions will not be accepted. (except the composition department.)
 Recommend the famous music anyone knows.
 Place the most importance on entertaining audience.
・¥3,000 for changing the song after the deadline.


VIDEO Preliminary Deadline 20th Jan. 2020 (Mon)
We will email you of your judgement of acceptance.
Grand Prize 20th Mar. 2020 (Fri)
21st Mar. 2020 (Sat)
22nd Mar. 2020 (Sun)

・Please inform us if you have any desirable date and time.
 It will costs ¥3,000 for changing the day or time after the deadline.
 Contact us immediately if there are any changes.
・We will remit the prize.
・Please check our website for the newest general construction.


Performance Time

VIDEO Preliminary No limit(Only the video taken within one year)
Final within 15 mins (No Extension.)

Entrance Fee

VIDEO Preliminary ¥10,000
Final ¥20,000


1st place        Prize ¥1,000,000
2nd place       Prize ¥500,000
3rd place        Prize ¥300,000
Acceptance (4people) Prize ¥50,000

・Receive the prize at the winner concerts or we will remit the prize.
・We will elect the winners by our examination guideline.


・Please register by the deadline. If you are unable to pay the registration fees and send in your CD’s by the deadline, please complete your registration as soon as possible.

■Registration by mail

Zentoku Roppongi Building 1st floor
K Music Competition
Tokyo-to Minato-ku 1-7-27

-The deadline is 20th Jan. 2020 (must be postmarked by this day)
※ After the deadline, registrations by mail will not be accepted

■Registration online

・Please register using the form below.
・After the deadline, proof of registration will be emailed to the participants.
・Please be aware of your junk mail settings. Make sure to use an email you can be reached easily at.
※K Music Competition Office Email Address :dkcompetition@designk.co.jp

■Bank Deposit Transfer address

・Please be sure not to make a mistake with the sum of money you select for the transfer.

Yucho Bank
[Bank Code] 10190
[Account Number] 99039971
[Recipient] ケーグランプリコンクール

※When transferring from another bank
[Branch name] 〇一八(zero one eight)
[Branch number] 018
[Type of account] Standard savings account
[Account number] 9903997
[Recipient] ケーグランプリコンクール

・Please be careful that the transfer amount is correct.

Currency [USD]
Intermediary Bank:Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas NY Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt
Intermediary Bank BIC(SWIFT Code):BKTRUS33 DEUTDEFF

Currency [EUR]
Intermediary Bank:Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt
Intermediary Bank BIC(SWIFT Code):DEUTDEFF

Beneficiary Bank:Japan Posto Bank
Branch:Head Office
Beneficiary Bank Address:3-1,Otemachi2-chome,Chiyoda-Ku,Tokyo 100-8793,Japan
Beneficiary Bank BIC (SWIFT Code):JPPSJPJ1
Beneficiary Bank CHIPS UID:427593[!Not required if the currency used is euro]
Payee Account Number:10190-99039971
Name of Payee Account Holder:Kgrandprixcompetition
Payee Address:7-27,Roppongi1-chome,Minato-Ku,Tokyo,Japan
Payee Telephone Number:+81-(0)3-5545-1101