■Our objective for the support we receive■

We hold these events for the discovery of new talent and the cultivation of our youth. It is said that for music, one performance such as a recital or the finals of a contest can be greater than one hundred practices; similarly, one concerto can be greater than even ten recitals. Nevertheless, it is true that opportunities for young people to perform are considerably rare. Our mission is to offer chances to get on stage and perform for people who aim to become musicians in their future. We are humbly honored by all of your appreciation and support.

■Regarding support and donations■

Any donations to support operating costs are appreciated within K International Contest Institute. We ask for your continued support and cooperation to help cultivate our youth and pursue the discovery of young talent.

※Those who contribute will have their names listed in our publications (donators can also stay anonymous)

Ⅰ Regarding Support

We appreciate the cooperation of everyone who supports our contests.

We ask for your support with our monetary prizes and funds.
The recommended contribution amount for individuals is ¥100,000 and
for corporate bodies we recommend ¥500,000.

K International Contest Institute asks for the sincere cooperation
from all those who wish to support it for donations starting at ¥10,000.

Ⅱ Main Sponsor

If anyone decides to take up the burden of covering our whole operating budget, we will hold the event according to the sponsors wishes in regards to the judges, venue, monetary sum for the final prize, and the name of the event. K Contest will take care of any difficult management matters.

Ⅲ Advertising Support

We are accepting donations for advertising sponsors to utilize the advertising space in our pamphlets and flyers.

Ⅳ Donations to support the prize

We would greatly appreciate any donations involving the following:

・Meeting halls and places our participants can use for lodging.
・The prize for the prizewinner.
・Providing support for language lessons or a ticket to a foreign country as part of an exchange program (Instead of a monetary prize)

Any instrument donations are also welcome.

■To make a donation by bank transfer method (Furikomi payment)■

[口座記号] 10100
[口座番号] 98869061
[受取名義] コクサイオンガクコンクールキョウサンキキン

[店名] 〇一八(ゼロイチハチ)
[店番] 018
[預金種目] 普通預金
[口座番号] 9886906
[受取名義] コクサイオンガクコンクールキョウサンキキン


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